AerariumChain is in ongoing development and the following FAQs will continue to be updated as the AerariumChain protocol continues to be defined.

What service does AerariumChain offer?

AerariumChain allows users to fund cultural heritage by purchasing an NFTMicro. The Marketplace also allows you to sell your NFT in an always liquid market.

Who are the users of AerariumChain?.

AEC users are all those interesting in the art world but not only. AEC wants to involve young people, helping them to take advantage of a precious asset such as art, using innovative tools such as NFT and the creation of virtual museums.

What problem does this project solve?

The world of art and those who preserve it find it hard to bear huge expenses. This project was born with the intention of helping all these subjects in the conservation of the work and in the financing itself.

Furthermore, the world of digital art and NFTs often presents poor quality. This project aims to bring quality, beauty and knowledge to the NFT world.

What technology does it use to solve this problem?

The technologies that AerariumChain uses are many. You can consult them all in the section: AEC Tech & Offer

How long will the project be completed?

The sale of the primary market will start by the end of November. The marketplace for the secondary market will be ready for Q1 2023. In general, however, this project will never be completed, as the possible developments and projects really have the potential to make AEC a giant in both the digital and the digital world. art.

Which team is working on the project?

To find the answer to this question go to the section: Team

What is the use of NFT and how does the investor benefit from it?

Whoever buys the NFTMicro is the owner of the hamlet he bought and can enjoy a 3D view of the work like never before. The more NFTMicro you have, the more clearly the image quality of the artwork will be high. An investor can benefit not only from trading the NFT but above all by providing liquidity to the NFT / USDC pool. In this way it will help the museum to finance itself but will have guaranteed a passive entry due to the fees.

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