Fundraising with virtual tokens

Scope of AerariumChain is to fund the preservation and restoration activities on cultural and artistic heritage. Most of the artworks are owned by Governments or Foundations that cannot (or do not want to) sell the artworks or the related rights. AerariumChain's NFTMicro™ can generate new easily purchasable digital assets, without losing rights on the heritage. Selling NFTs online will make it easier to implement restoration, preservation and maintenance of museums’ assets, and furthermore, it represents a way to address the new target: “digital collectors”.

Our approach follows two leads: creating NFTs linked to the rights of use of the 3D image and offering the opportunity to create a high number of NFTs (NFTMicro, from 10.000 to 1.000.000) for each work. Fundraisings can make free use of NFTs despite the image’s rights of use and collectors will benefit from them at any rate.

To reach its scope AEC will issue an NFT matching the following goals:

  1. Not transferring ownership rights;

  2. Not transferring image rights of use;

  3. Building value on the base of the artwork value;

  4. Not to generate fictious value;

  5. Making the purchase of a single NFT affordable;

  6. Allowing multiple transactions and consequentially the creation of a real secondary market;

  7. Being liquid;

  8. Being efficient in terms of transaction costs;

  9. Being the driver to build an amazing experience for the public.

AEC has designed and developed a specific model of NFT called NFTMicro™ that match all the above mentioned requirements. Moreover, NFTMicro™ provide a sustainable alternative for fundraising in terms of:

  • Economical sustainability in the middle-long term;

  • Respect of the environment;

  • Respect of people and work.

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