The NFTMicro™ total value is first determined as the artwork estimated value at time of issuing and will change accordingly to the transactions price on the market exchanges. A Unique Virtual Image generates NFTMicro linked to it. New digital collectors who purchase NFTMicro will experience as stunning a 3D representation as the number of NFTMicro in their hands. No one currently has a 3D representation of a physical work of the quality that AerariumChain can offer.

The rules of the NFTMicro™ are the following:

  • The NFTMicro™ of an artwork can be generated ONLY once in the artwork's life, and this limitation is also extended to any similar issuing on other platforms;

  • At the time of issuing (launch in pre-sales), the nominal value of the whole NFTMicro™ for one piece of art is equal to the estimated artwork value;

  • NFTMicro™ are fractioned in 1.000 and multiples of 10 to have a democratic value per fraction unit of the NFTMicro™;

  • Only 20% of the NFTMicro™ can be sold in the life of the artwork;

  • An additional 5% of NFTMicro, other than the 20% sellable, has to be moved to the AerariumChain reserve;

  • The remaining 75% must always follow the artwork ownership

The principles behind this concept are the following:

  • The information related to the NFTMicro™ is strictly related to the original artwork through the certified process where AEC acts as the oracle of the blockchain;

  • Sellable NFTMicro™ (20% of issued) per artwork has been evaluated as the number matching these principles:

  1. Since NFTs are -yet- not commonly known, nobody can claim any future ownership or rights with even 20% of the share, avoiding bad advertising;

  2. In case of sales of the total 20%, most of the value is still uniquely related to the artwork

  3. 20% fits with the scope of supporting preservation of the artwork.

  • The value of the NFTMicro™ affects the value of artwork itself according to a simple concept: If you sell the ownership rights of an artwork valued 1.000.000$ where the NFTMicro™ has been generated and the 20% of the NFTMicro™ has already been sold, the total market value of the artwork will be affected by the missing opportunity to monetize that 20% in the future;

  • Every NFTMicro™ grants to the owner a granular fruition of the 3D of an artwork, where the accuracy increases proportionally to the number of NFTMicro™ owned of that artwork.

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