This section will illustrate how the Reserve works and what its purpose and reason for its existence will be. In summary, the Reserve will act as the Oracle of the blockchain through the CARE service

The reserve

The reserve will invest in continuous development of technologies for the ecosystem:


  • 3D scan techniques, technologies, and procedures

  • Post-processing technologies

  • Certification process

  • Procedures

  • AI based Identification Algorithms

  • Technical research related to artwork preservation


  • Unique Virtual Image algorithms and standards

  • Improvement of Matching algorithms

  • UVI NFT standard maintenance

Diagnostics and Analytics:

  • Detecting degradation signals

  • Identifying causes

  • Proposing solutions

NFT Micro

  • Ruling and Smart Contact versioning

  • Request procedure handling and evaluation

Assets generation for the metaverse

Digital wallets and 3D visualization instances

Basic Marketplace

Training and resources for all stakeholders

Marketing and networking activities

Reserve Governance

AEC NFTMicro™ reserve has its own rules and governance to define:

  • Operation on the secondary market;

  • How many NFTMicro™ for each artwork can be put on the market and how many must remain;

Rules of the AEC NFTMicro™ reserve:

  • It has to operate in buy/sell to guarantee stable growth or all NFT values;

  • It cannot sell more than 15% of NFTMicro™ of any artwork to generate revenues for AEC.

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