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Why AerariumChain

The scope of AerariumChain is to support Museums, Foundations and artpiece owners in their mission to preserve artworks. AerariumChain achieves this goal through three services.

At first it aims to monitor the artwork status through a scalable process based on 3D scan, AI and blockchain. For each piece of art, an artwork fingerprint is created for every artwork. This service is called CARE. This supports the Condition Report service for artworks carried out in an innovative way by AerariumChain. On the other hand, it helps art owners to get funded to support their mission of preserving the artwork for future generations. This service is called FUND. Finally, the possibility is given to view the artworks in 3D wallet. This allows for a metaverse experience and other digital services based on NFTMicro™ and KPI of the CARE service. This service is called SHOW.

How the CARE service works:

Every time that the 3D scan of an artwork is uploaded the first time on AerariumChain, the system creates a Unique Virtual Image (UVI), a fingerprint based on metric information. The UVI is notarized in the blockchain through its UVI NFT. All 3D scans of the same artwork done in the time, will be associated to the existing UVI and the UVI NFT will be updated with the new status.

The comparison of different 3D files at different times of the same artworks, allows identification algorithms to detect non-conformities like degradation signals, identifying causes and solutions to act in due time.

Please refer to chapter AEC CARE Process for more details.

How the FUND service works:

Starting from the UVI NFT token, AerariumChain has created a specific NFT (called NFTMicro™) to fund the preservation activities through the sales on the market of these tokens, taking care of the following aspects:

  • NFT are related to physical and traditional artworks

  • Ownership of the artwork and rights cannot be transferred in most the cases

Please refer to chapter AEC FUND Service for more details.

How the SHOW service works:

Once NFTMicro™ has been purchased, the SHOW service allows:

  • 3D wallet experience: A metaverse experience by AerariumChain to view and share the high resolution 3Ds of the artworks related to the NFTMicro™ owned. Integrated in the web marketplace and the AEC app, APIs for other web platforms.

  • Connectors with other metaverse platforms: Connectors to experience on other platforms the high resolution 3Ds of the artworks related to the NFTMicro™ owned by the final user.

Please refer to chapter AEC SHOW Experience for more details.

Benefit consequences

AerariumChain, for the first time, offers museums a tool to monitor the health of artwork quickly, securely and transparently. It also allows them to keep track of the "life" of the artwork thanks to blockchain technology and, through AI algorithms, to compare different scans and identify the causes of some damage. Consequently, makes it possible to do a forecast and prevent such damage in the future. Finally, through the creation of NFT, a double possibility emerges: having a digital copy of the physical art collection for those who purchase NFT, and providing museums for the first time an alternative and profitable business model in order to fund them in their custodial mission.

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