Uses of Fund

The scope of NFTMicro™ is narrowed to a specific purpose: the preservation and fruition activities related to the artworks for which the NFTMicro™ have been issued.

The NFTMicro™ funds collected by the artwork owners (Museums and Foundations) from:

1. Sales on the Primary market

2. Fees from secondary market transactions

will be used in the following way:

The release of funds will change according to the enforcement stage of NFTMicro. First NFTMicro™ released will be in Batch 1, after the initial issue all new NFTMicro™ will be issued in Batch 2.

Batch 1

Funds collected from NFTMicro™ issued in Batch 1, will be released on the Museum wallet with no release lock. All artworks in Batch 1 will be monitored through the AEC monitoring service.

Batch 2

Funds collected from NFTMicro™ issued from Batch 2 will be released on a locked wallet where funds release will be regulated by a smart contract and a mediation from the AEC governance and monitored through the AEC monitoring service.


Funds released on the locked wallet will be coupled with a stablecoin and invested on DEFI to generate investment return for the network. The investment return will be managed through the generation of the Utility token.

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