We are a multicultural team, highly skilled in deep technology and expert in the art field. We know its market and the challenges that it has been facing from many years.

Danilo Rea - CEO (Co-Founder)

Maurizio Rea - COO (Co-Founder)

Ilaria Perticucci - Conservation & Restoration Specialist

Federica Lissandrello - Project Manager

Mila Albert - Marketing & Communications Manager

Giorgio Rea - Team Leader & Artmen director

Fabrizio Manfredini - 3D Scan Specialist

Emanuele Nasato - Marketing Strategist

Daniele Galli- Blockchain and Front End & Software Developer

Deepika Kshirsagar - Blockchain and Backend Software Developer

Michele Capitanio - Blockchain product engineer

Marco Perrone - 3D rendering art director

Alessandra Casamento - Administrative Accountant

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