AEC Tech & Offer


The technologies that AerariumChain uses are:

  • 3D scanning

  • Algorithms process creating unique virtual image

  • AI algorithms applied to 3D

  • Predictive maintenance algorithms

  • Blockchain

  • Fractioned NFT

  • Metaverse

  • Augmented reality app

  • Predictive maintenance algorithms


The offer consists of a BASIC subscription (monthly or annual) with which the user can upload their 3D scans on the portal in their reserved area. Once the scans have been uploaded, the user can select the connected services among which are currently available, divided into the following 3 categories previously illustrated: CARE, FUND, SHOW.


Monitoring services: includes 2 scans conducted by AEC staff at a distance of maximum 12 months

NFTMicro: generation of a certain number of NFTs (from 10.000 to a million) without rights of use of the 3D image; such NFTs can be easily purchased by the general public at an affordable cost (1-10$ each) to fund the restoration works. NFTMicro are designed to work on the AEC Marketplace and any NFT marketplace supporting the Algorand ARC-69 standard. All rules are manage by the NFTMicro smart contract.

3D wallet experience:

A metaverse experience by AerariumChain to view and share the high resolution 3Ds of the artworks related to the NFTMicro owned. Integrated in the web marketplace and the AEC app, APIs for other web platforms.

Artwork manager and Diagnostics: a web app to manage on cloud all the activies (new 3D upload, UVI generation, blockchain history, certificate management, diagnostic tools) thanks to the support of Artificial Intelligence algorithms

AEC Marketplace: the Marketplace provided by AEC to offer, buy and sell NFTs

Connectors with other metaverse platforms:

Connectors to experience on other platforms the high resolution 3Ds of the artworks related to the NFTMicro owned by the final user.

Collaboration APP for SweetHive: a fully integrated web app to manage collaboratively a whole collection with all the stakeholders

AEC app: the AEC mobile APP to manage purchases online and directly from Museums


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