A new experience for the costumer

The main application of NFTMicro™ for final users will be to experience art in users daily life.

AEC develops:

  • A 3D wallet visualizer (AEC Metaverse) of user NFTMicro™ collections, to let every user to see their collections

  • Metaverse connectors, to let users experience their collection on other metaverse

  • Augmented reality technologies, to let users to experience art integrating it in daily life (like they can listen music)

For an experience not depending by user hardware, AEC developes software to be run on remote 3D engine instances.Goal of AEC is to develop and maintain code for 3D engine instances.

The ecosystem will reward:

  • Developers for technological improvements

  • Providers of running 3D engine instances

In the run-up stage developers and instances running are provided by AEC.

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