We breathe new life into art

AerariumChain's goal is drawing the traditional art scene closer to the NFTs’ potential. Using this one-of-a-kind tool, museums can raise funds from direct selling NFTs as well as fees for each transactions on the secondary market. AEC’s NFTMicro™ serves to help museums and institutions accomplish their mission of preserving and making their art collections easily accessible

Watch the video of this preview of a 3D scan of St. George to experience the quality of our 3D. AerariumChain is building the biggest-ever library of 3D NFTs in such high definition, making them available to every metaverse and AR platform through NFTMicro.

How it works

Building a UVI

The first 3D scan generates the digital fingerprint called Unique Virtual Image that will be notarized in the blockchain.


The following scans are linked to their UVI, whose new “stage” has been added in the blockchain.


An early monitoring of the artworks will be possible due to AI algorithms that compare the different “stages” of each UVI.

Asset conversion

UVI will solve the tokenization of a physical asset, like a work of art, due to its ability to keep this direct connection unaltered.

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