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The art of forever: a piece of art is immortal only if we help it to be.


AerariumChain (AEC) is a service provided by WEREA S.r.l., an Italian based company, focused in supporting the maintenance of artistic and cultural heritage worldwide. AEC is a cloud service for museums, institutions and private customers. Through the most state-of-the-art technologies, we monitor the artworks’ state of conservation.
By firstly using 3D scanning we create the digital fingerprint of the artwork, its unique virtual image. Following scans enable AI to notice possible changes. Each step of the process is notarized in blockchain and guarantees the production of NFTMicro art through which museums can create a new value. The most cutting-edge technology at art’s service.
By integrating 3D professional scans, blockchain and AI, AerariumChain aims to create new value to museums, institutions, and individuals. We offer solutions for the digitization, preventive conservation, and monitoring of works of art, as well as their accessibility. We care for art to keep it timeless.
If you love art, this is the best way to support the maintenance of museums and their heritage. By purchasing NFTMicro art, you can help creating a new value and preserve artworks.
Got 1 minute? Check out a video overview of our service:
Aerariumchain: The Art of Forever EN
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